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Weekend Fulfillment

Weekend Fulfillment



One fulfilling weekend has gone by. It may not be the perfect start for the team i formed, but it definitely taught us all the best things that shall guide us on our next projects. The experience did not only gave lessons on my events business, moreso, it showed things related to all other aspectsIMG_20140726_093624 :

-we carried and loaded materials, that’s physical strength and flexibility: the more i should take care of health (good thing I run, workout and dance)

-edited a video that’s not originally our task, that’s resourcefulness, creativity and familiarity to technology: thanks to my basic IT knowledge (and thanks to my IT colleagues/friends who always answer my queries and guided me whenever I’ve got related questions)

-encountered rains, traffic, very early guest arrivals, uncontrollable things; yet we managed to keep our cool and that’s patience, calmness and presence of mind (good thing, we’ve learned and trained with ethics and proper etiquette, plus all of us have had experiences on student leadership and orgs)

These are just some, and really, for each event, something will come up and make you realize either how thankful you’ll be because you’ve done something beforehand, or regret because you’ve neglected things that should have been helpful to you at present.

Nevertheless, the smiles and all the “thank you” that we got at the end of the night took all our stresses away. Greatest achievement is that we made our client, our friends happy on their most momentous day together.