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L eisure escapes


Near…far…or wherever…going outdoors will always be a blissful thing for me!

ACTIVITY and TRAVEL-packed year! 2012 it is!!!


first half of the year goes…ooooh…so….fun!!!

Leyte: Kalanggaman Island

Zambales: Potipot Island

Singapore: Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay

 Unique Marathons: Outbreak Manila- BGC, Dance4Life dance marathon

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Thursday Night Movie Date:


My first time to watch a Cinemalaya Film, and I’m quite impressed. I knew that from the very start, this one’s gonna be a sure hit.

“Title palang…plus the lead actress — Eugene Domingo”

“Mockumentary” as they call this type of film, the opening scenes were more of the “docu-type”…

A story about Mila, a mother of 7 kids in a shanty community in Manila. Poverty is pictured by one instant noodle pack being shared by the mother and the kids. The short story ends with the mother, selling her son to a Caucasian pedophile.

…and so I my thoughts were a bit reverted from my original impression of the film as “comedy”, until I caught myself in the middle of laughters as the story went on with the 3 young film-makers and awardee-hopefuls, somewhat a reality of what those who are joining film festivals are thinking of.

Two thumbs up!

Then came all the other scenes wherein the “cast” in the “flim-maker’s” story board were being evaluated and thought of how well they could fit the roles of Mila, the child and the pedophile…hilarious! Also, they even get into the thoughts of changing the style of the film — musical, dramatic or just the plain docu-type. Plus the almost real-life rendition of the film-makers’ meeting with Eugene Domingo to take her as the lead role, their ocular visits to the areas and the start of movie tapings.

Again, it’s wacky!!!

So until we reach the last 30 minutes of the movietime, I still can’t find where the title would be aligned in the story, since it focused on the ‘film-maker’s quest for producing an indie film called Walang-wala‘. However, the last scenes came to the time that the “film makers” began shooting the “scene 7”, in which the actress’s double is due to take part, of course, the “superstar Eugene” would not want herself get all through that sh*t…but then, while talking to the “director” she accidentally slipped off to an open septic tank…and there, the crowd just blasted the cinema with applauses and loud laughs!