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BOHOL : Family and Travelling

BOHOL : Family and Travelling

I make time for travels…most specially with my family.

It is the last night of our annual family trip and it is in Bohol, Philippines this year.


Tagbilaran Airport

For three years now, I have been booking out-of-town trips for my folks. I may not be that very able to bring them on tours before, but from the time that I was blessed with some extra gifts on my pocket, I decided that it’s time to make a lot of experiences with my parents and my sister who is also able to give her share of blessings now.

Three days and two nights. We have been on road trips, restaurants, churches, beach, hanging bridge and all the must-see spots of this place. But the best part of this trip? The little things in between…


Chocolate hills

The smiles on their lips
The amazement on their eyes
The loud and tummy-aching laughters
Papa’s funny stunts–his creative photo poses–that makes Mama enjoy the views and the tour more
My sister’s kakulitan and bed hugs
…and a lot more that were captured on photos.


Bohol adventure

Every peso spent on bookings, accommodations, food and tours…they are are worth it. I am glad that in spite of the generation gap, my parents have realized the value of the trips we do together…

habang nakakalakad pa kami, habang nakakakita pa at habang kaya pa.


Chocolate hills

True enough…and I will not get tired of bringing them to places.

Thank you, beautiful people of Bohol, Vest Pension House staff, and to manong Dexter and Junjun (Samantha Tours) for making our trips orderly and enjoyable!


Tarsier Conservation site

And thank you again, Lord for gracing us with safety, good weather and healthy bodies that made this trip extra pleasurable. Please continue to keep us together and guide us always…and grant us more blissfully memorable adventures!

So…next travel?

*pictures to upload at my fb account soon*


9 & 10/ 27 days before year 27 of me!


at Number 19

I also love to travel, given the means and time…and please don’t laugh as you will be discovering now that I’ve not been to 3 of the country’s top tourist spots! Oh yes, the B-destinations: Baguio, Bohol and Boracay… which I’ve long placed on my bucket list, and now on my wish list together with an out-of-country tour to another B-city…Bangkok!

Will 2013 be the year? or 2012 will catch up on one? haha!




at Number 18


Girls love dresses, and so do I. 

Last Tuesday, one of the online shop fan pages I’m subscribed on, (Fievre) posted a cute flimsy-floral dress collection, and I shared it on my Facebook timeline, half-joking and half-wishing that I could get it 🙂 


But wishes do come true!


My good friend and hermano* Stephen See commented on this post and (without any hesitation) granted my wish! At first I thought he was just riding my joke…but I realized that it was a real offer…well, what can I say he’s really one of those real and kind male friends that I’ve got (seriously! This is not sipsip ,Stephen, if ever you’re reading this…you know that)

I soooooo really appreciate this and it made my day! *happy* I ordered the white one as it is his choice 🙂 

And two days after (that’s today), I finally got it from the delivery!


Birthday Dress it is!

This is (advance) gift number 1!

Gracias, hermano! 




*hermano: Spanish for ‘brother’