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Weekend Fulfillment

Weekend Fulfillment



One fulfilling weekend has gone by. It may not be the perfect start for the team i formed, but it definitely taught us all the best things that shall guide us on our next projects. The experience did not only gave lessons on my events business, moreso, it showed things related to all other aspectsIMG_20140726_093624 :

-we carried and loaded materials, that’s physical strength and flexibility: the more i should take care of health (good thing I run, workout and dance)

-edited a video that’s not originally our task, that’s resourcefulness, creativity and familiarity to technology: thanks to my basic IT knowledge (and thanks to my IT colleagues/friends who always answer my queries and guided me whenever I’ve got related questions)

-encountered rains, traffic, very early guest arrivals, uncontrollable things; yet we managed to keep our cool and that’s patience, calmness and presence of mind (good thing, we’ve learned and trained with ethics and proper etiquette, plus all of us have had experiences on student leadership and orgs)

These are just some, and really, for each event, something will come up and make you realize either how thankful you’ll be because you’ve done something beforehand, or regret because you’ve neglected things that should have been helpful to you at present.

Nevertheless, the smiles and all the “thank you” that we got at the end of the night took all our stresses away. Greatest achievement is that we made our client, our friends happy on their most momentous day together.





BOHOL : Family and Travelling

BOHOL : Family and Travelling

I make time for travels…most specially with my family.

It is the last night of our annual family trip and it is in Bohol, Philippines this year.


Tagbilaran Airport

For three years now, I have been booking out-of-town trips for my folks. I may not be that very able to bring them on tours before, but from the time that I was blessed with some extra gifts on my pocket, I decided that it’s time to make a lot of experiences with my parents and my sister who is also able to give her share of blessings now.

Three days and two nights. We have been on road trips, restaurants, churches, beach, hanging bridge and all the must-see spots of this place. But the best part of this trip? The little things in between…


Chocolate hills

The smiles on their lips
The amazement on their eyes
The loud and tummy-aching laughters
Papa’s funny stunts–his creative photo poses–that makes Mama enjoy the views and the tour more
My sister’s kakulitan and bed hugs
…and a lot more that were captured on photos.


Bohol adventure

Every peso spent on bookings, accommodations, food and tours…they are are worth it. I am glad that in spite of the generation gap, my parents have realized the value of the trips we do together…

habang nakakalakad pa kami, habang nakakakita pa at habang kaya pa.


Chocolate hills

True enough…and I will not get tired of bringing them to places.

Thank you, beautiful people of Bohol, Vest Pension House staff, and to manong Dexter and Junjun (Samantha Tours) for making our trips orderly and enjoyable!


Tarsier Conservation site

And thank you again, Lord for gracing us with safety, good weather and healthy bodies that made this trip extra pleasurable. Please continue to keep us together and guide us always…and grant us more blissfully memorable adventures!

So…next travel?

*pictures to upload at my fb account soon*

S tyle experiments


What a girl wants…what a girl needs…make-ups, hairstyles, scents, shoes, bags, clothes, shopping!

It’s normal. No questions about it.

2013 LOOKS

New Year’s Resolution? To be fashionably stylish and beautiful!!! Here are my attempts on style experiments 🙂


(1) Classic do. Full bangs, pulled back hair, brown halter dress, colorful scarf, vintage necklaces & earrings and two-toned heels

(2) Black Japanese doll. Full bangs, laid down shorty, wide fabric waist band, lace inner cami, black floral longsleeves blouse, pants, black doll shoes

(3) Casual Midweek. Sleeveless blouse over Jumpsuit, wedges, arm candies

(4) Schoolgirl. Knitted 3/4 blouse, plaid mini, wide leather belt, fancy socks on red high heels

Curly-ful Attempt!

I’ve got no salon-grade curling rod to do magic with my mane, but my fave youtube girl, Bubbi
(a young pretty Asian beauty guru and fashionista) shared an alternative way to make it happen…I do have a straightening iron, not really the expensive one, but it made wonders 🙂

So one weeknight, along in my pad, got really nothing to do, this is what it turned out to be ME…

All you’ll need is a hair straightening iron and a piece of cardboard strip 😉 In these photos, I have not really finished doing the back part of my hair…I just wanted to see how it would come out…and believe me, after sleeping on it, I woke up with those locks still on! Amazingly real, amazingly curly!

Must Try…

Got a quick visit tonight at Landmark to scout for recent kikay finds…been on the search for a good-quality-reviewed hair products so as to battle those frizz and fly-aways, and subtle yet shimmery make-ups (that I’m always in love with!) to razzle-dazzle my desire for a new fresh look.

I’m still on a budget now, so I chose not to spend, but at least I know where to find them when I’m ready.

Here’s what I’m trying in the next week or maybe next month:

Shine Moist’s Ionic Keratin Treatment has been in so many fashion forums that I’ve browsed. Yes, it’s quite cheap compared to most branded items, but sadly, I wasn’t able to find something in sachet to try…however, another hair straightening buddy was discovered:

this Shine Moist Ionic keratin Spray cost Php299 at the department store, i hope i can find a cheaper one somewhere…

e.l.f.’s contant advertisement-emails caught my attention one time with these little tube pals that contains shimmery cream! great for the eyes, face and even lips! it’s a one-stop-shimmery cosmetic that’s easy on the pocket! it is sold at Php129 only, yet it’s out of stock today!!!

E ntrep ventures


An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…that’s why I’m keeping myself busy.

Now let’s get back to business!


THREE POINT A shall make it happen!

watch out for this, really, really soon!


Zaiberon Food Carts’ Cakes and Confections will take its first break as it co-sponsors ENVY Fashion + Accessories‘ Me, Myself and Envy Photo Contest and upcoming mini trunk show/ private sale happening on March of this year (details to follow, keep track of their page, fellas!).

ENVY is a budding fashion accessories and clothing e-business owned by the Tan sisters, Ann and Angela. Their ‘passion for fashion’ plus love for travels gave inspiration to this brand, thus little by little making them known through their clients and seasoned bazaars around the metro.

Photo Credits: Envy Fashion + Accessories FB page

With their best-selling (and speedily always going out-of stock) leather cuffs, stingray collections and up-to-date clothes climbing up the ‘popular’ staircase, this photo contest have been launched to give back to their loyal customers and to further share the beauty to everybody!

Join Me, Myself and Envy Photo Contest and win exciting prizes! Plus get a chance to participate at Envy’s exclusive event and be featured over entries of invited bloggers!


And since Ann is a very dear friend (and ‘sister’) of mine, our very own Cakes and Confections shall grace the said event.

Our resident pastry baker, Apple Dizon, is up with her recipes to delight guests on this event, sharing a taste of our goodie sampler; nevertheless, we’ll entertain orders and on-the-spot buyers during that day.

See you there!

We accept customized orders! Call us or send us a message at 09178472687 or email at



serving steamed goodies-Fil-Chi Siomai and I Love Sysig @ Mandaluyong (JRU Branch),

Fil-Chi Siomai, Binondo’s best Fried Siopao and Mini-Paos @ Laguna (Cabuyao Branch)


i’m up for the challenge.

contact me. 


L eisure escapes


Near…far…or wherever…going outdoors will always be a blissful thing for me!

ACTIVITY and TRAVEL-packed year! 2012 it is!!!


first half of the year goes…ooooh…so….fun!!!

Leyte: Kalanggaman Island

Zambales: Potipot Island

Singapore: Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay

 Unique Marathons: Outbreak Manila- BGC, Dance4Life dance marathon

Find out more of my whereabouts on my Facebook profile! 🙂

Thursday Night Movie Date:


My first time to watch a Cinemalaya Film, and I’m quite impressed. I knew that from the very start, this one’s gonna be a sure hit.

“Title palang…plus the lead actress — Eugene Domingo”

“Mockumentary” as they call this type of film, the opening scenes were more of the “docu-type”…

A story about Mila, a mother of 7 kids in a shanty community in Manila. Poverty is pictured by one instant noodle pack being shared by the mother and the kids. The short story ends with the mother, selling her son to a Caucasian pedophile.

…and so I my thoughts were a bit reverted from my original impression of the film as “comedy”, until I caught myself in the middle of laughters as the story went on with the 3 young film-makers and awardee-hopefuls, somewhat a reality of what those who are joining film festivals are thinking of.

Two thumbs up!

Then came all the other scenes wherein the “cast” in the “flim-maker’s” story board were being evaluated and thought of how well they could fit the roles of Mila, the child and the pedophile…hilarious! Also, they even get into the thoughts of changing the style of the film — musical, dramatic or just the plain docu-type. Plus the almost real-life rendition of the film-makers’ meeting with Eugene Domingo to take her as the lead role, their ocular visits to the areas and the start of movie tapings.

Again, it’s wacky!!!

So until we reach the last 30 minutes of the movietime, I still can’t find where the title would be aligned in the story, since it focused on the ‘film-maker’s quest for producing an indie film called Walang-wala‘. However, the last scenes came to the time that the “film makers” began shooting the “scene 7”, in which the actress’s double is due to take part, of course, the “superstar Eugene” would not want herself get all through that sh*t…but then, while talking to the “director” she accidentally slipped off to an open septic tank…and there, the crowd just blasted the cinema with applauses and loud laughs!