VOTED AND INKED : 2013 Elections



Halfway towards the culmination of the present government’s term — today the nation opened doors to millions of Filipino voters in favor of their right to suffrage — and it’s high time that we, once again, take part of this historical event, filfilling our civic duties.

Quite better this year, we headed to the precint in the afternoon. No queues, no missing names and no hassle.

Should you ask me who I sided on? Mixed. I under voted. I personally know a handful of the local electorates and my objective knowledge of their characteristics and contribution to the city, made me entrust my marker’s ink on those circles beside their names; and as to those running for the greater sovereign scopes…the televised debates, internet articles and your previous acts earned my respect and my decision to vote for you.

I’m not disclosing my ballot’s contents, but should my selected public officials win, my silent greetings of congratulations are yours. However, if fortune does not work on them this time, it should not be a hindrance to fulfill their promised good intentions.

Proclamation does not end it, moreso, expect the observing senses to be more awake.

Please do not waste efforts, funds and credibility.  You’ve got our trust, it’s your turn to take care of it now.

How about you, fellow Pinoy, have you participated today?


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