S tyle experiments


What a girl wants…what a girl needs…make-ups, hairstyles, scents, shoes, bags, clothes, shopping!

It’s normal. No questions about it.

2013 LOOKS

New Year’s Resolution? To be fashionably stylish and beautiful!!! Here are my attempts on style experiments 🙂


(1) Classic do. Full bangs, pulled back hair, brown halter dress, colorful scarf, vintage necklaces & earrings and two-toned heels

(2) Black Japanese doll. Full bangs, laid down shorty, wide fabric waist band, lace inner cami, black floral longsleeves blouse, pants, black doll shoes

(3) Casual Midweek. Sleeveless blouse over Jumpsuit, wedges, arm candies

(4) Schoolgirl. Knitted 3/4 blouse, plaid mini, wide leather belt, fancy socks on red high heels

Curly-ful Attempt!

I’ve got no salon-grade curling rod to do magic with my mane, but my fave youtube girl, Bubbi
(a young pretty Asian beauty guru and fashionista) shared an alternative way to make it happen…I do have a straightening iron, not really the expensive one, but it made wonders 🙂

So one weeknight, along in my pad, got really nothing to do, this is what it turned out to be ME…

All you’ll need is a hair straightening iron and a piece of cardboard strip 😉 In these photos, I have not really finished doing the back part of my hair…I just wanted to see how it would come out…and believe me, after sleeping on it, I woke up with those locks still on! Amazingly real, amazingly curly!

Must Try…

Got a quick visit tonight at Landmark to scout for recent kikay finds…been on the search for a good-quality-reviewed hair products so as to battle those frizz and fly-aways, and subtle yet shimmery make-ups (that I’m always in love with!) to razzle-dazzle my desire for a new fresh look.

I’m still on a budget now, so I chose not to spend, but at least I know where to find them when I’m ready.

Here’s what I’m trying in the next week or maybe next month:

Shine Moist’s Ionic Keratin Treatment has been in so many fashion forums that I’ve browsed. Yes, it’s quite cheap compared to most branded items, but sadly, I wasn’t able to find something in sachet to try…however, another hair straightening buddy was discovered:

this Shine Moist Ionic keratin Spray cost Php299 at the department store, i hope i can find a cheaper one somewhere…

e.l.f.’s contant advertisement-emails caught my attention one time with these little tube pals that contains shimmery cream! great for the eyes, face and even lips! it’s a one-stop-shimmery cosmetic that’s easy on the pocket! it is sold at Php129 only, yet it’s out of stock today!!!


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