Two-Zero-One-Three : Fashionably Pretty!


New Year’s Resolution? To be fashionably stylish and beautiful!!!

Happy New Year!!!

It’s my first blog post for the year and I’m starting it with a stylish BANG! *yehey!*

Though it’s almost the end of January, it’s never too late to share my fashion attempts from the past weeks. And yes, 2013 will be a year of experimenting and going wild on styles 🙂


I made a promise to myself to clean-up and rearrange my closets (both at home and at the apartment)…and this time, make use of those long-time-hidden dresses and pieces of clothing that may even have ran out of the present style!

Join me as I get a little bit out of my usual fashion tastes and style! We’ll get a bite of adventure on colors, prints, lengths and themes! Now isn’t that exciting?

Visit the Style Experiments page for daily look inspirations 🙂 And share yours too!


Mix and Match. Experiment. Create Styles. Get Dolled-up. Stay Beautiful. Be Adventurous!


*By the way, you can find me on these social circles too:

 Twitter & Instagram : @fraulein_eillia

Path: Dimples Cajucom

Facebook: /dimplescajucom


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