8/27 days before year 27 of me!


Now we’re down to the last 20 days before D (Dimples — that’s me!) – day!

at Number 20


October and November 27 Dresses Issue: The Ai and Ish Birthday Photoshoot


Me and my long time childhood bestfriend’s photoshoot dream concept–even if my girl friend here has been taking a leap on her modelling stunts–is something we’ve gotten idea from a movie, and incidentally very apt to the age that we’re entering into — 27 Dresses! 

Concept: make a 27-page coffee-table lookbook alternating hers and mine’s poses and outfits…that makes 13 different styles/ wardrobes/ looks for each of us and one ‘together shot’ of us both wearing same outfits! *super exciting*

Location: down south where we both live…somewhere around Nuvali/ Solenad 

Photography, Hair and make-up: We want to feel the ‘birthday gift’ sense of this project, so we’re looking forward to talented and creative friends who might grant us this wish! (and we’re hunting for some great treat to serve as our token of appreciation to the team *wink*

Whoever gets to grant us this project has the full permission to use the photos for their own portfolio, no need to pay us, let’s make it a 2-way gift to each other! 🙂

Stylist: haha! just last Sunday, another bessie volunteered himself! Now we’re not gonna let you backout, my PCF!

Target shoot date: A weekend in October! 🙂

We’re excited about this, so if you wanna take part on this project, please contact me or my friend Ish!


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