5,6 & 7 of the ’27 days before year 27 of me’


I just realized that the next items on the wishlist are gonna be the sporty stuff! haha!

at Number 23

This one’s originally on my wishlist, however, I came to materialize this item (just last Friday night!) , believing that I got a great deal and it’s a good ‘hobby investment’. Thanks to discounts and mall-wide sale, it’s still pricey, but hey, I’m gonna go a lotta miles with this!

from this…


…to this…


My very first pair of Adidas LiteStrike Eva Duramo 4 in purple of course! 🙂


at Number 22

Got a Swatch watch as a gift from my cousin decades ago (I think? coz I was still in HS or grade school that time) and believe me, it still works as to date and had been my running buddy (since it has a movable minutes gear that could help me manually track my time). However, the strap is slowly deteriorating, so I guess I have to get it replaced before I find it missing from my wrist during future races.

But since I am actively joining runs, I think getting a sports watch won’t hurt, especially that KOTR gave a GC worth P1000, which I can use to purchase a not-so-expensive one! I can only use it though at the (LTimeStudio/ Time Gear) branches stated and for the regular priced ones. And yes, I made my piece of research and found that some Soma and Soleus watches are priced at Php2000+ so, I could (or you? haha!) get it for less than the GC value! Yay! Promo ends October 31…haha! so timely!




at Number 21

I’d be happy with any sports apparel or accessories! Purple, white, black, blue, green, yellow or anything in between! I’m an XS or S on singlets and S or M for dri-fit shirts and running shorts! I’d also love a cap, a wrist band or a belt bag, and a pair of neckband earphones! haha! again, it’s never a violation to dream!



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