3 & 4/27 days before my year 27


hadn’t gotten time to post one yesterday (had to catch up on my running and an ambush meet-up with friends after!) , so I’ll be blogging for two days on this entry *wide grin*


 at Number 25


This may be one of the ultimate “wild dream” coz it’s pricey! haha! But who knows? I could own something like this kind of tab (please, the one with the detachable keyboard, but I’d gladly accept an iPad or a Galaxy!) anytime soon.

Remember this girl’s a business developer — who might do presentations to partners; a writer — who needs to put up an article or read references anywhere; a student of all sorts — who just does any word, excel or powerpoints for submissions; and an events organizer — who will practically go places and discuss storyboards, pricing and the likes. A lightweight yet powerful, elegant and convenient gadget will surely make the job more effective! *all smiles*


So…did I justified enough my ‘need’ for this? haha!!!



at Number 24


Today’s Friday, and it’s either this day or Saturdays that I travel back home. I feel my good old black Bench backpack wants to rest, so it needs an alternate for its job.


White, gray, purple or black backpack will do. One roomy enough to carry my laptop and a week’s bundle of clothes is terrific! Nevermind of the brand, I need something that will last for at least year…something of good quality *winks*


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