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16 & 17 / 27 days before year 27 of me!


Nearing the end of September…and that definitely rings a bell!!! October’s sooo near!


at number 12

I came from a Royal university, and a few years after, I pursued a higher degree in another school where I’ve got another title, making me a ‘royal blooded’ Atenista! haha! Like college, I wasn’t able to secure myself of any memorabilia from graduate school…so an Ateneo (or AGSB) shirt or jacket has always been in my list…and yeah, haven’t fulfilled the task of buying that!


at number 11

What’s a birthday without a cake? Oh yes, I’d love a Chocolate Lava cake...been craving this much! 



14 & 15/27 days before year 27 of me!


At number 14

Saw this a few months ago and hopefully it’s still in their stores. Bench launched this fragrance, Impalpable by Michael Cinco…a less expensive alternative to my dream (Giorgio Armani) Acqua di Gioia, another cheaper but good scent is ForMe’s body spray in either magnolia or cherry blossom.

Truth is, I’m not so fond of really strong scents or those very floral ones. But these are the exceptions to my list, I’d love to own and use any one of them!



At Number 13

Please don’t call me loser…but I really haven’t owned one! Any UST shirt or jacket will do, as long as it’s from UST!


Go USTe!

13/ 27 days before year 27 of me!


Only half-month left before my day!!! And I hope I’ll start to earn some good vibes, optimism, positive energies, motivation and inspiration!!!


So at Number 15…


Obagi Blender puhleeesss! It’s so expensive here in Manila yet my derma says it’s what I need!

I’ve been asking friends abroad to canvass this product for me, in hopes that I’d get a cheaper deal outside the Philippines…oh, this would be nature’s answer to perfect porcelain skin! haha!

Would you be kind enough to find one for my birthday? *batting eyelashes*


11 & 12/27 days before year 27 of me!


at Number 17


I’ve learned drinking wine, Sangria to be specific, when I was in grade 3 and tasted pale pilsen when I was about grade 4 or 5 I think. I believe my Papa trained us to be responsible drinkers. I confess that I prefer to be more of a wine drinker than a beer or alcomix one…but of course, it’s expensive so I can only enjoy that occasionally.

On my 27th, I’d like to spend a wine night with any one of my group of friends — just to relax, celebrate life with a bottle or two, maybe? casual drinking as they say, or an intimate bonding 🙂 That would be a great birthday celeb I guess? 🙂


at Number 16



I have to let go of the Maroon 5 and UAAP CDC wishes I made earlier, yet I have few more shows that I wanna watch *hopefully* 

I remembered this was also on my 26th birthday’s list and still, I hadn’t got the time and the means to allot to watch a concert or a stage play…how I really wish to experience one!

9 & 10/ 27 days before year 27 of me!


at Number 19

I also love to travel, given the means and time…and please don’t laugh as you will be discovering now that I’ve not been to 3 of the country’s top tourist spots! Oh yes, the B-destinations: Baguio, Bohol and Boracay… which I’ve long placed on my bucket list, and now on my wish list together with an out-of-country tour to another B-city…Bangkok!

Will 2013 be the year? or 2012 will catch up on one? haha!




at Number 18


Girls love dresses, and so do I. 

Last Tuesday, one of the online shop fan pages I’m subscribed on, (Fievre) posted a cute flimsy-floral dress collection, and I shared it on my Facebook timeline, half-joking and half-wishing that I could get it 🙂 


But wishes do come true!


My good friend and hermano* Stephen See commented on this post and (without any hesitation) granted my wish! At first I thought he was just riding my joke…but I realized that it was a real offer…well, what can I say he’s really one of those real and kind male friends that I’ve got (seriously! This is not sipsip ,Stephen, if ever you’re reading this…you know that)

I soooooo really appreciate this and it made my day! *happy* I ordered the white one as it is his choice 🙂 

And two days after (that’s today), I finally got it from the delivery!


Birthday Dress it is!

This is (advance) gift number 1!

Gracias, hermano! 




*hermano: Spanish for ‘brother’

8/27 days before year 27 of me!


Now we’re down to the last 20 days before D (Dimples — that’s me!) – day!

at Number 20


October and November 27 Dresses Issue: The Ai and Ish Birthday Photoshoot


Me and my long time childhood bestfriend’s photoshoot dream concept–even if my girl friend here has been taking a leap on her modelling stunts–is something we’ve gotten idea from a movie, and incidentally very apt to the age that we’re entering into — 27 Dresses! 

Concept: make a 27-page coffee-table lookbook alternating hers and mine’s poses and outfits…that makes 13 different styles/ wardrobes/ looks for each of us and one ‘together shot’ of us both wearing same outfits! *super exciting*

Location: down south where we both live…somewhere around Nuvali/ Solenad 

Photography, Hair and make-up: We want to feel the ‘birthday gift’ sense of this project, so we’re looking forward to talented and creative friends who might grant us this wish! (and we’re hunting for some great treat to serve as our token of appreciation to the team *wink*

Whoever gets to grant us this project has the full permission to use the photos for their own portfolio, no need to pay us, let’s make it a 2-way gift to each other! 🙂

Stylist: haha! just last Sunday, another bessie volunteered himself! Now we’re not gonna let you backout, my PCF!

Target shoot date: A weekend in October! 🙂

We’re excited about this, so if you wanna take part on this project, please contact me or my friend Ish!

5,6 & 7 of the ’27 days before year 27 of me’


I just realized that the next items on the wishlist are gonna be the sporty stuff! haha!

at Number 23

This one’s originally on my wishlist, however, I came to materialize this item (just last Friday night!) , believing that I got a great deal and it’s a good ‘hobby investment’. Thanks to discounts and mall-wide sale, it’s still pricey, but hey, I’m gonna go a lotta miles with this!

from this…


…to this…


My very first pair of Adidas LiteStrike Eva Duramo 4 in purple of course! 🙂


at Number 22

Got a Swatch watch as a gift from my cousin decades ago (I think? coz I was still in HS or grade school that time) and believe me, it still works as to date and had been my running buddy (since it has a movable minutes gear that could help me manually track my time). However, the strap is slowly deteriorating, so I guess I have to get it replaced before I find it missing from my wrist during future races.

But since I am actively joining runs, I think getting a sports watch won’t hurt, especially that KOTR gave a GC worth P1000, which I can use to purchase a not-so-expensive one! I can only use it though at the (LTimeStudio/ Time Gear) branches stated and for the regular priced ones. And yes, I made my piece of research and found that some Soma and Soleus watches are priced at Php2000+ so, I could (or you? haha!) get it for less than the GC value! Yay! Promo ends October 31…haha! so timely!




at Number 21

I’d be happy with any sports apparel or accessories! Purple, white, black, blue, green, yellow or anything in between! I’m an XS or S on singlets and S or M for dri-fit shirts and running shorts! I’d also love a cap, a wrist band or a belt bag, and a pair of neckband earphones! haha! again, it’s never a violation to dream!