That Beautiful Goodbye



Maroon 5 craziness…I’m even thinking if I’ll ever get to watch them live on their concert..*dream on!*


I’ve become a fan of Adam Levine and of course, Maroon 5. My love for their music even grew with their new album! I found myself playing Payphone as the first track whenever I run, and it makes me feel perked up! (now you know what I’m listening to the moment I put my earphones on under the start border) haha!

However, my playlist has been hooking me up with this very nice song, of which, my keen ears for music have been filtering the sounds of the bass guitar (and let me say, I describe it as “cool and swabe”). The song has a quite semi-emo kind of message running through its words, but the melody and the music as a whole pulled it off together to make it feel lighter and more positive.

I’ve been listening to this for the nth time, until I realized somehow…it’s a quite familiar scene.

(you can also watch it here)

Somewhere…Sometime…there was a Beautiful Goodbye

As if it’s being sung by someone who was there at that time…but I think the tears have been kissed goodnight. @^_^@



Credits go to the Youtube channel of yuvalsaar311 for this nice lyric music video *thanks!* and to the & for the Maroon 5 concert and Overexposed album cover photos. *thanks thanks!*



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