So today I found a series of tweets (from @SimpleLoveTweets) that says “make life fair”, and I just want to share with you these inspirations and words that could uplift your morale. I hope you’ll get some boost 🙂

I originally wrote this on August 10 on FB notes after finding out that my BB can’t support on mobile yet. Anyway, I also mentioned that ‘while taking this bus ride (and as I start my day), I went through today’s tweets to get some good thoughts to help jumpstart my braincells for my writings and work stuff (seems like my mind still still on vacay)!’ so to share this piece of reminders, I’m now publishing it for my Amelie! readers 🙂



*Don’t compare yourself to anyone, be happy with who you are. -you are unique, a special one, an extraordinary creation of God!

*Don’t let anyone bother you, they’re not worth it. – find the genuine people in your life; they are those who accept and never leave you no matter who you are or what you went through.

*Never give up on your dreams. – you’ve got a purpose and your mission is to fulfill it! May it be small or grand, success is so sweet when you finally reached it!

*Don’t give a shit about the people who hate you. – they say people are so kind when they get something out of you, but be careful of those when they turn their backs and you have nothing to give. Trust nobody but yourself.

Life could look like a big picture of unfairness for most, but then again, we can MAKE.LIFE.FAIR.

It’s a choice. A commitment.


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