These are the people…


…who have been with me since kindergarten days…who have always believed in me

…who have added joys to my ‘after-college’ days– my ‘sis’ and ‘pres’

…who have become my instant ‘babies’

…who have once gotten drunk with me and has always been that constant ‘sister’ who listens

…who have shared with my life’s dramas

…whom I shared my professional views in a “friendly” way

…whom I treated as my sister by sharing faith, academic views and even business partnership

…whom I always find myself as the best friend and sister despite time and rare meetings

…who have treated me as their own daughter/sister

…who has been with me, and has chosen never to leave me in that roller coaster ride

…who have always loved, cared, supported and accepted me since the very first day that I’ve seen the world


Who are they? Find them HERE



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