Looking for an “awesome” way to redesign your home or better yet, turn a cluttery room to an organized masterpiece? Then it’s time to get customized and install STRIA WALL SYSTEM!


Imagine your stuff that’s usually scattered around your bedrooms neatly organized and forms part of your wall that gets to look like a life-sized artwork? Genius right? Plus you even get to change the look and the feel every now and then…

Your Room. Your Way.

Your space, just the way you like it.

So here’s how you apply it..


In the bedroom…


…living room…


…and even on your study room!

Interesting, right? Same as how I’ve gotten a glimpse of this product introduced by a good friend, whom I’ll just call Mike Co! Haha! Actually, it’s his young brother (and classmates) who had this pretty genius college project, which, I believe shall turn to a great business in the furniture industry soon.


Nice huh?

Want to know more? Visit their Facebook page and official website as well!



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  1. No prob, Mike! I was thinking if i’m gonna link your name with your FB page! hahaha! ippromote na rin sana kita eh 😉

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