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PRISON DANCER: A new musical to hit the artistic hearts




My love for the arts and my dream of someday, “I could be in a musical play or theater act” brought me to a youtube video that showcases a new wave of musical show. I actually saw this from a post shared by CashCashPinoy over Facebook on Jan. 3, 2012. After watching the YouTube trailer, I was looking forward to seeing more of them so I subscribed to their channel

The castings have started around the last quarter of 2011, and geesh, I always miss out chances (btw, how do you get info about auditions? I don’t think you really need to be a pro, just to even get an “extra” role!), but anyway, there have been quite a few reviews yet, and most that I’ve read are similar, still, I am interested to see this ’12 episode web series’ which shall be launched on March 2012 (Prison Dancer webpage). By merely scanning through their website, I believe this had been shown abroad in 2010 and is now being brought in the Philippines. I’m pretty sure a lot of Filipinos would like this, plus if you enjoyed videos by Michael Bustos, then I’m certain that you’ll await these web series as he is a part of the cast!




Here’s one originally-made song, apart from the trailer, which made me scout for its lyrics. It’s really nice (and its simplicity made me sigh “sayang, should have gotten the chance to audition as Cherish…hihihi!)

Enjoy…and RELATE!

Evermore by Prison Dancer



Prison Dancer is an original interactive musical web series inspired by the viral Youtube phenomenon, the “Dancing Inmates of Cebu.” Featuring a cast of Youtube stars and some of the most exciting Filipino musical talent emerging in North America, Prison Dancer is “Glee meets Miss Saigon” wrapped in a “choose your own”adventure. Filled with catchy pop tunes, star-crossed lovers, and engaging interactive elements, Prison Dancer brings together the best of Broadway and Youtube entertainment and takes transmedia storytelling to the next level. (



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Who and Where I have been on 2011


My first blog entry for the year: a recall of last year!


Really “time slips away so fast” and though it seems like 2011 had just been a day, it’s surprising to know that so much have taken place.

Happy to know that I’ve been a person of different experiences and a person who have been in various places in 2011.


So, who I’ve been last year?

I’ve been…

An events organizer


A Thomasian Quadricentennial visitor


An MBA graduate


A Reyna Sentenciada 


An entrepreneur


A PMP Trainee


A birthday girl


A part of the LD Alumni event


A runner


A part of the Superfriends


Tenten of Naruto Anime Series


A rakista



For 2011, these are the places and events where it had been significant if not my first…

Clarkfield Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Fest


Mercato Centrale for the 11.11.11 happenings


Happy Lemon (and made it my favorite drink for the year!)


Ayala Triangle for The Lightshow


Greenbelt during the height of Tsunami (with my eco2 friends!)


UST for the annual Paskuhan


Chocolate Fire!



I know these are not just the events and the places that glued my 2011 altogether,and I’m really happy to realize that my blessings are more than the pictures above! I am hopeful that God will bless me with more as the new year opens up for me!


OPTIMISM…that will be my mantra for this New Year!