WISHLIST AND GIFT IDEAS 2011: Christmas in a month’s time!


Note: this is a continuation of my earlier post 🙂


Again, in my travels, activities, events, ventures and even in my quiet times, I have found interests on things which I dream of having and make use of someday…


UPDATE! New found interest!


An Awesome Planner from the awesomeplannet.com! 

I browsed its leaves and I’m in awe with its list of wide food places and travel selections! Must be a great travel companion!




I had this thought of pursuing an art…the art of enhancing simple beauty and unleashing glamourous looks of ladies. I love make-ups, those that can give you that “no make up” make up style to almost any kind of look you feel like putting up.


so I’d love to have brushes…for the blush, the lips, eyebrows, the flat ones, the soft ones and the hard-enough-for-the-brows ones 🙂



Just recently, I’ve been up with runnings and together with my two childhood bestfriends, we’ll be joining one fun run per month. From “just fun” and now evolving to “serious healthy” lifestyle, I think a good pair of running shoes is a must to accompany us throughout our new sport!




We want to take shots with everybody in the scene, with our new Canon point and shoot cam, mea and my sis hunt for a simple yet useful tripod to help us out in capturing our moments. Haha!



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