Business is a matter of taking risks. For a small-scale and rising venture, it’s normal to be on a slow-paced run, more than that, we enjoy and learn much from what we do. It just really proves that experience is the best teacher! Thanks to my bro ANDREI who has overflowing ideas, the ever patient BERNARD who plays one-man-band most of the time, EZEKIEL for keeping all minutes updated and for RONALD who has been financially supporting the team…ZAIBERON FOOD CARTS has still been up, alive and kicking!


Yes, we’ve been to franchising…from setting up the cart at Laguna and Mandaluyong in the early part of the year


and now, relocated our Mandaluyong cart at our new space at BLESSINGS AND PROSPERITY along Ayala Avenue, Makati. It’s a bit hidden as the main entrance is a small door in a very big being-renovated-building between Rufino Towers and Standard Chartered Bank [6786 Ayala Avenue (formerly Ayala Life Bldg)]


We still sell Sisig meals, Siomai, Jumbo and Mini Siopao and Shanghai Special Fried Siopao 🙂

Asian street snacks are sure hit, that’s why we are cooking up another serving at Paranaque soon, with the entry of our new partner RAM!

Visit us and get some real affordable yummy treats!


 ***and it does not just end up in franchising***


In fact, aside from Ram, we also have a new addition to the group, our friend APPLE has recently finished her pastry arts course at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. With similar interest and passion to food and sweets, we are set to bake some cakes and confections as our new business venture!


[here’s a sneak peek to what’s cooking]


If you’ve got some cravings and you think we can cook it up, bring it on, we’re up for the challenge!!!


we are also looking for food bazaars, so any of you who has referrals, please let us know! 😉



more to that…we’ve welcomed another friend to the partnership…cheers to MARCO who’s been hands-on now to another venture we are eyeing 🙂


another multi-faceted friend of ours will be joining us soon! this young professional shall give life to celebrations we’ll soon organize, host and manage! 


I am too!

…and the Team as well!



this has been our 2011 blessing…and we shall nourish it, find ways for Zaiberon to flourish…and be our instrument of growth and success!




Thank you shoutouts:

Thanks to my mom! she’s been very hands-on to our Laguna branch

to Bernard’s brother for overseeing our Makati branch

and to Drei’s mom for helping out in the production of our goods!



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