WISHLIST AND GIFT IDEAS 2011: Christmas in a couple of months!


Birthday month is about to end so Christmas season is definitely the next great event I’m looking forward every year!

And from today, there will only be 2 months to go through before His birthday! Isn’t it exciting?



photo credit: kuromi-shan.blogspot.com

Starting this day, I’ll do entries on my Christmas wishlist…things and everything else that I’d like to have…and in turn, I will also share my thoughts on gifts that I’d be giving out this year 🙂


 The things here are random…just anything that I could remember or that would suddenly pop up on my mind, reminding me that “ah, yes, I like that!” and “i hope I’ll have that too!”…well, I don’t see anything wrong with wishing for what you want, right?



photo credit: hanukkahmenorah.info

I love flowers, that’s a fact and I’ve always wanted to get my desk that ‘fresh-chic-lovely’ feel; and today, as I turned to that window beside my station, I felt how bare it is and how the office looked so stiff. I suddenly remembered this item which I’ve seen at Fully Booked book store. It’s a plastic foldable vase that comes in cute and elegant designs. I’d really love to have one and just place a stem or a couple of colorful flowers on it!


photo credit: manila-paper.net

I long to be in a musical…that’s one of my wildest dreams…but for now, a ticket (even if it’s Gen Ad, I really don’t mind!) to the Mamma Mia musical on January 2012 would be so terrific!!! Mamma Mia, here we go again…my my…how could I resist you! 


photo credit: istore.com.sg

My office Macbook has become my everyday bestfriend…work, leisure and more…so I need to take care of its super delicate exterior…a clear/transparent laptop skin or invisible macbook cover would be really awesome to bring back that sheen and professional look on my 13-inches gadget…Power Mac stores has this item 🙂



photo credit: lelong.com.my

 Well I actually wanted my all-white gadget to be neat inside-out…so it would also be so nice to have a full-keyboard protector…iSkin has this, and I think ProTouch..haha! I’ve done research!



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