Indeed I am abundantly blessed, selflessly loved , cared for very much, wholeheartedly remembered and is always assured to be genuinely happy!

This shall be ramdom…so please bear with me…my birthday anyway! please? (wide grin!)


My Wish On this Birthday

I have dreamt, I wanted to have them so I believed and wrapped it with prayers, others have been fulfilled, as for the remaining…I shall claim it, for I know along the way, God is in every person who are making them all happen!

But for my 26th birthday, though I have wishes for myself, I have one great prayer that I wish to be granted…that is to keep my Mama in good health…as for us 4 (in the family), she is the weakest…I commit to do everything for her, serve her, love her all my days and care for her all my life…I’d like my parents to see how I grow up and live my life the way they have always wanted it to be — secured, happy and loved. 

I have a strong faith in Him so I am claiming His blessings over my prayer! I’d be happier and more thankful for gifts of prayer, not just for me, but for my family, my mama 🙂





* A great day with my family

* A safe drive to our destination

* Moments of silence, prayer and family togetherness at the Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Laguna BelAir


* Sumptuous lunch @ Racks, Paseo de Sta. Rosa


* Sweet dessert c/o my business partners: blueberry choco pudding cake 🙂

* A special surprise from Singapore, delivered in the Philippines ^_^

* Lots and lots and lots of pictures!

* Never-ending cuddles with my sister 🙂

* Overflowing messages, greetings and some calls from all the people who I’ve been with, I’ve known and shared a part of me in many ways

* Kitchen bonding and a little sharing of treat with our tenants

* A simple dinner with the family

* A rainy restful night at home 🙂


what else can I say! I’m speechless…most dreams were granted today…and I’m just soooo happy 🙂



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