The 26th of the 26 dreams


I am writing this 2 hours before that big day…

…just my last post on my 25th…

…I’ve given my 25 dreams and now the best is saved for the last…



photo credit:

A Happy Heart


To be continually given…

the happy days to wake up to…

the restful nights to sleep with,

the healthy parents to come home to and take care of…

the jolly sister to play with…

the relatives (aunts,uncles, cuzns, nieces, nephews,godparents) to reunite with,

the friends who I share my moments, my gimiks, starbucks and happy lemons,

the ‘Buddy’, bestfriend(s), Kuya(s), Bro, Hermano, sissies and Ate(s) to care back for,

the mentors, bosses and teachers who shall enrich me more,

the work, business, hobbies and activities where I gain my means and where I learn things from,

the good health as to live longer, share more time with my loved ones and inspire more people,

the life to dedicate to Him…

and to be blessed with ‘the one’ whom I’ll grow up with and compliment with my happy heart for the rest of my life.


But with whatever God has for me…I believe those are all with purpose and are specially crafted for me!



Ooooppsss! An hour left before the DAY!

God bless us all!


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