Heard about SUGAR RUSH?

I’ve got my own. Octoberush. It’s October and Rush combined. same thing. Hyper. Excited. Hopeful. Energetic. Happy. Extraordinary.



I don’t mean to get this month rush over to its end. It just meant my special kind of feeling. My special attachment to October.


This is how I feel whenever I’m in the first week of this month.

It happens every year; though I add up another number to that so called ‘age’, I still get to feel how my anticipation for my day is, just like it used to be when I was still a kid.


The smile painted after papa, mama and sister’s morning kiss greeting,

The playful feeling of seeing balloons,

The lighted hopes after blowing the candles on the cake,

The twinkle in the eyes upon opening gifts,

and the never failing expected visit of my twin rain on our day…and more


I claim the 8th day of the 10th month of every year as MY day. So if there’s anything that could go wrong or something else is being planned to ruin it, forget it please. Step back, run, and come back another day, but not on the 8th! For once in this 12 repeating months do I dream that everything would just be simply perfect! (Reminds me, not in the 25 years back do I have a memory that MY day has gone spoiled. All were good memories…so don’t dare ruin this year’s!)

However, that ‘rushful’ feeling would constantly remind me that I’ve got a lot to look forward to, a lot to accomplish and a lot yet to receive! So I’m hopeful–that even what some of what I’ve wanted have not been granted yet, I have another brand new year to think about it, wait for it or work hard for it!

Reminds me, I’m almost over and will be close to surviving that ‘quarter life crisis’!


photocredit: http://whatsupyasieve.com/



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