No. 2 of the last 3: on twenty six dreams




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I have been thinking when to blog about this particular dream, and it just so happen that tonight, would just be the perfect moment.


Let’s jut say that as much as I wanted October to be a happy one, it’s not gonna be perfect.

I love my family…I love my friends..i don’t just say LIKE, but I LOVE…I even love people who have always been part of me. And if we love, we wanted to be with them. And in order to be with them, we have to live. We have to live long enough to share more days with each other.

Only, it feels frustrating…

..that you come to a point that you are taking care of them, yet you feel it’s somewhat getting unnoticed…or sort of not really given importance in the same perspective as yours.


I just want a healthy home. A healthy group of friends, colleagues, community…


I just want you to be more careful…and i hope it isn’t too difficult to understand that I care…so much that it hurts me to see you in pain.


I want to live with you longer…I want you to see what I will still become, same way as I’ve always wanted to see your future activities and share in those times.

I fear being in pain…it weakens me much.

I hate being hurt…so I dream to be free from it.

It will be a very great gift for me if you can stay healthy…not really for me but for you and those who love you other than me.



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