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The Superfriends I miss —


funny how things turn-out to be contageous…

first with Supergirl..then with Wonderwoman…and now with Batman!




Happy Lemon or Serenitea (and btw, I still haven’t got a taste of that Chicken and corn thing!)


Let’s hang out soon! 


WISHLIST AND GIFT IDEAS 2011: Christmas in a couple of months!


Birthday month is about to end so Christmas season is definitely the next great event I’m looking forward every year!

And from today, there will only be 2 months to go through before His birthday! Isn’t it exciting?



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Starting this day, I’ll do entries on my Christmas wishlist…things and everything else that I’d like to have…and in turn, I will also share my thoughts on gifts that I’d be giving out this year 🙂


 The things here are random…just anything that I could remember or that would suddenly pop up on my mind, reminding me that “ah, yes, I like that!” and “i hope I’ll have that too!”…well, I don’t see anything wrong with wishing for what you want, right?



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I love flowers, that’s a fact and I’ve always wanted to get my desk that ‘fresh-chic-lovely’ feel; and today, as I turned to that window beside my station, I felt how bare it is and how the office looked so stiff. I suddenly remembered this item which I’ve seen at Fully Booked book store. It’s a plastic foldable vase that comes in cute and elegant designs. I’d really love to have one and just place a stem or a couple of colorful flowers on it!


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I long to be in a musical…that’s one of my wildest dreams…but for now, a ticket (even if it’s Gen Ad, I really don’t mind!) to the Mamma Mia musical on January 2012 would be so terrific!!! Mamma Mia, here we go again…my my…how could I resist you! 


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My office Macbook has become my everyday bestfriend…work, leisure and more…so I need to take care of its super delicate exterior…a clear/transparent laptop skin or invisible macbook cover would be really awesome to bring back that sheen and professional look on my 13-inches gadget…Power Mac stores has this item 🙂



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 Well I actually wanted my all-white gadget to be neat inside-out…so it would also be so nice to have a full-keyboard protector…iSkin has this, and I think ProTouch..haha! I’ve done research!


Dreams do come true


Since the year that I have full grasp of what’s happening around me, there are two things that God never failed to show me and remind me that October 8 is my birthday — One, it shall be a RAINY DAY and two, there will always be a SURPRISE– and indeed, it happened again. It’s my birthday!

A little while just before 10.08.11 ends…let’s travel back on the day it has been…

Tucked in bed before midnight of the 8th. I think I’m sort of insomniac so I can hardly get myself to sleep so I just tried to close my eyes, listen to the rain (remember RAIN) outside and wait for my consciousness to slowly wander in dreamland.

Then my almost 2 year old Corby rang. An international call from a special friend, a best friend in the making. 🙂 Greetings were the introduction of course, yet a few minutes left so we waited, chatted and welcomed my annual big day! Actually it’s our first time to really communicate on my birthday, first happy time. It has always been a special day for me to celebrate, and receiving warm wishes from friends and loved ones are priceless gifts I will always treasure. That 15 minute call was of course (aside from overseas) a treasured one…After that call, I went to my first conversation with God as a 26-yr old ‘young’ lady. Those 10 minutes or more talk with Him is really the greatest start of my new year…and He knows already everything inside me 🙂

Morning. Woke up in the music of Papa’s frying pan, his usual morning routine — breakfast! He is our alarm clock, and you really have to get up! We’re complete so we should dine together! Came next was Mama (after waking up), humming my first birthday song for the day 🙂 Sweet! And of course a few cuddle-cuddle with my one and only sister! (yeah, we do that all the time, and only when we are on a fight do we get irritated when even an inch of skin come close to ours!)

We had breakfast, got the house cleaned up, checked my sites (answered most of your greetings) and took turns on taking a bath. At around 11, we drove off towards Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Our first stop is at Laguna BelAir to visit the chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, since it’s my first time (our family, actually)…I took it as a gift…and made a wish (as they say, you can wish for something when you enter a church the first time). It was a wide chapel and very cozy, the cool weather even added up to the comfort 🙂 For every special events that I celebrate (even if it’s not really an occasion) I make it to a point to visit my Creator and chat with Him 🙂

After our visit, we head off to grab our lunch! I craved for baby back ribs…remember one of my 26 Dreams? Racks? Oh yeah, we had that! And everybody just loved it! We brought the Blueberry Choco Pudding Cake that was given to me by my Zaiberon boys (Thank you Bro, Nard and Zeik!), and had it for our dessert 🙂 Now I know why it’s a specialty from Taiwan 🙂 Yummy!

Then we strolled around the place til my sister invited the gang to transfer to Nuvali since the place is more scenic, and it’s still early to go home (taking advantage of her day-off from duty). Also to mention, during those times, my sis is constantly taking up calls, I never told her, but I thought “ano ba yan? birthday ko, off nya, trabaho pa rin tumatawag dito”…haha!

And off we went.

It was not too far from Paseo so about 5 minutes we were parked already and found ourselves walking around the resto strip. There’s a man-made lake where you can feed coys and we were trying to make our way there when sis asked me where Conti’s was, so I told her that we just look around for it. Nearly passing by a coffee shop, an empty table caught my attention seeing a balloon arrangement and flowers, while the next table is a couple having their cups, ‘must have been their anniversary’, I thought. My sister whispered to me ‘Ate, may ibang nagbibirthday din ata…tara, picture ka dun (to the balloons and flowers)!’ I told her there are a lot of people around and it’s so funny if i’ll do it, so we just continued on walking to look for the bakeshop. Passing by that coffeeshop, a familiar face walked up to me. And I was stunned…Tito Leo? Then another figured followed. Now I’m even shocked…Mia??? And the next thing, I found that everything on that table was for me…

(remember) SURPRISE!!!

A bouquet of stargazers and yellow buds with a note

A dozen of white roses with ribbons and rolled up papers 

A dozen of red roses with ribbons and rolled up papers

A balloon arrangement with 2 rolled up papers stuck on it

A box of cupcakes with birthday letter-designs

A box of a personalize cake with those 3-word message

And next was a familiar voice over the phone…ok. Shocked! Now I’m asked to read each note in order of sequence…26 things he wanted to tell me on my special day. Sweet and really a labor of (allow me to say) love and commitment 🙂

‘You are such an observer!!!’ Thank You 🙂

What can I say! Somebody stood against my ’26 Dreams on the 26th!’ Genius!

But really, I was in awe and I am really all smiles… 😀

We ended our family outdoor gimik after bidding farewell to Tito Leo and taking Mia to the bus station as she needs to return to Manila.

But hey! it did not end there yet!

Mama and I cooked pasta Carbonara to share my blessings with our tenants…and it’s always a happy feeling for me and a given that I have to impart whatever I have, so there…everybody happy 🙂

Still, today’s music rings through my ears…God’s blessings, your greetings, my family’s stories, laughters, my sweet surprise, and the rain drops on our roof!

Thank you is an understatement…but accept my appreciation for enabling me reach those!

So allow me to run down a few TY’s…Life is too short for dwelling on regrets!!!

My Creator, my Saviour and my God, even before I tell you anything, You know already everything! thanks for the rain and the surprise!

All CJA kababata, UST blockmates, Ateneo Gradschool batchmates/friends, Laguna and Manila friends, Cajucom and Malazarte relatives, Zaiberon partners, UPPC (Phils) and SCG (Thailand) colleagues and mentors, Codeworks and Powerlink team…thanks for remembering and sharing a bit of your time today!

To Tito Leo, Tita Merly and Mia…thank you for being so supportive, kind and loving! Thank you for delivering that special surprise!

To my Papa…I’m happy that at 26 knowing your age, you are still so strong as compared to others.. you will always be my Superman! I love you so much!!!

To my Mama…please take care, I love you so much also that my wish is really for you to be healthier…I still want you to witness my next milestones!

To my ever dearest, one and only sibling, Edel…behind that ‘porky’ nick is my forever role as your ate…even if I’m given a second life, I’ll still choose to have you! I love you!!!

and to Pau…Thank you for leaving me speechless! You really know me that well, huh?…kidding aside, thank you for your efforts on this friendship, for taking the risk and for slowly getting back into the pace…thank you for the sweet surprise. 26 shall be a memorable one 🙂


The Dreamer continues to dream…and for as per my perspective,

4 of my 26 dreams have been expressed as part of the dreams of somebody who would want to share them with me…

2 of those are in God’s control…

16 are reachable in time…

Yet 4 of them came true today– the lunch at Racks, the balloons, the flowers…and a great part of the Happy Heart 🙂





Indeed I am abundantly blessed, selflessly loved , cared for very much, wholeheartedly remembered and is always assured to be genuinely happy!

This shall be ramdom…so please bear with me…my birthday anyway! please? (wide grin!)


My Wish On this Birthday

I have dreamt, I wanted to have them so I believed and wrapped it with prayers, others have been fulfilled, as for the remaining…I shall claim it, for I know along the way, God is in every person who are making them all happen!

But for my 26th birthday, though I have wishes for myself, I have one great prayer that I wish to be granted…that is to keep my Mama in good health…as for us 4 (in the family), she is the weakest…I commit to do everything for her, serve her, love her all my days and care for her all my life…I’d like my parents to see how I grow up and live my life the way they have always wanted it to be — secured, happy and loved. 

I have a strong faith in Him so I am claiming His blessings over my prayer! I’d be happier and more thankful for gifts of prayer, not just for me, but for my family, my mama 🙂





* A great day with my family

* A safe drive to our destination

* Moments of silence, prayer and family togetherness at the Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Laguna BelAir


* Sumptuous lunch @ Racks, Paseo de Sta. Rosa


* Sweet dessert c/o my business partners: blueberry choco pudding cake 🙂

* A special surprise from Singapore, delivered in the Philippines ^_^

* Lots and lots and lots of pictures!

* Never-ending cuddles with my sister 🙂

* Overflowing messages, greetings and some calls from all the people who I’ve been with, I’ve known and shared a part of me in many ways

* Kitchen bonding and a little sharing of treat with our tenants

* A simple dinner with the family

* A rainy restful night at home 🙂


what else can I say! I’m speechless…most dreams were granted today…and I’m just soooo happy 🙂


The 26th of the 26 dreams


I am writing this 2 hours before that big day…

…just my last post on my 25th…

…I’ve given my 25 dreams and now the best is saved for the last…



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A Happy Heart


To be continually given…

the happy days to wake up to…

the restful nights to sleep with,

the healthy parents to come home to and take care of…

the jolly sister to play with…

the relatives (aunts,uncles, cuzns, nieces, nephews,godparents) to reunite with,

the friends who I share my moments, my gimiks, starbucks and happy lemons,

the ‘Buddy’, bestfriend(s), Kuya(s), Bro, Hermano, sissies and Ate(s) to care back for,

the mentors, bosses and teachers who shall enrich me more,

the work, business, hobbies and activities where I gain my means and where I learn things from,

the good health as to live longer, share more time with my loved ones and inspire more people,

the life to dedicate to Him…

and to be blessed with ‘the one’ whom I’ll grow up with and compliment with my happy heart for the rest of my life.


But with whatever God has for me…I believe those are all with purpose and are specially crafted for me!



Ooooppsss! An hour left before the DAY!

God bless us all!



Heard about SUGAR RUSH?

I’ve got my own. Octoberush. It’s October and Rush combined. same thing. Hyper. Excited. Hopeful. Energetic. Happy. Extraordinary.



I don’t mean to get this month rush over to its end. It just meant my special kind of feeling. My special attachment to October.


This is how I feel whenever I’m in the first week of this month.

It happens every year; though I add up another number to that so called ‘age’, I still get to feel how my anticipation for my day is, just like it used to be when I was still a kid.


The smile painted after papa, mama and sister’s morning kiss greeting,

The playful feeling of seeing balloons,

The lighted hopes after blowing the candles on the cake,

The twinkle in the eyes upon opening gifts,

and the never failing expected visit of my twin rain on our day…and more


I claim the 8th day of the 10th month of every year as MY day. So if there’s anything that could go wrong or something else is being planned to ruin it, forget it please. Step back, run, and come back another day, but not on the 8th! For once in this 12 repeating months do I dream that everything would just be simply perfect! (Reminds me, not in the 25 years back do I have a memory that MY day has gone spoiled. All were good memories…so don’t dare ruin this year’s!)

However, that ‘rushful’ feeling would constantly remind me that I’ve got a lot to look forward to, a lot to accomplish and a lot yet to receive! So I’m hopeful–that even what some of what I’ve wanted have not been granted yet, I have another brand new year to think about it, wait for it or work hard for it!

Reminds me, I’m almost over and will be close to surviving that ‘quarter life crisis’!




No. 2 of the last 3: on twenty six dreams




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I have been thinking when to blog about this particular dream, and it just so happen that tonight, would just be the perfect moment.


Let’s jut say that as much as I wanted October to be a happy one, it’s not gonna be perfect.

I love my family…I love my friends..i don’t just say LIKE, but I LOVE…I even love people who have always been part of me. And if we love, we wanted to be with them. And in order to be with them, we have to live. We have to live long enough to share more days with each other.

Only, it feels frustrating…

..that you come to a point that you are taking care of them, yet you feel it’s somewhat getting unnoticed…or sort of not really given importance in the same perspective as yours.


I just want a healthy home. A healthy group of friends, colleagues, community…


I just want you to be more careful…and i hope it isn’t too difficult to understand that I care…so much that it hurts me to see you in pain.


I want to live with you longer…I want you to see what I will still become, same way as I’ve always wanted to see your future activities and share in those times.

I fear being in pain…it weakens me much.

I hate being hurt…so I dream to be free from it.

It will be a very great gift for me if you can stay healthy…not really for me but for you and those who love you other than me.