The Perpetual Student’s Posts got views…now your time to COMMENT!


Hello Readers!


The Perpetual Student is a neophyte blogger and seeing views increase day-by-day, makes her really feel happy about it!


Share your insights and you may also recommend something you want to be written about, something you want to learn or read…I’d be glad to research on it, may posts or even share with you my thoughts and knowledge about it! Also, feel free to comment so I’ll know what you feel about the reads and from there we can establish networks and writing relations!


Should you have any blogs at Posterous or anywhere else, you may also post them here, or promote as you wish, and I’ll be happy to give yours a visit and follow your blog journeys!


Got no blog yet? Then it’s time to create one and start posting anything…YES! anything!


Don’t forget to leave a message after this post and visit the other pages (tabs there on top!).

I’m excited to read ’em!


Thanks and See you around!




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