Just Kikay. Period.



After a night of celebrating friendship with my “kuya” for 5 years now, we walked around the nearby mall and he kindly accompanied me to inquiring about photochromic lenses or what they call the transition lenses. True enough, this is costly, but I’m so determined to get my dad a pair of this kind of lens for his eyeglasses, so as to take extra care of his nearly-newly-operated eye (cataract removal, actually)…it’s so kikay of me, haha! but above that i call it CARE…so can I say CAREkay?


there are generics ranging from Php 2500 to 3000++ and there’s this branded “Transition lenses” which costs around Php 4000++ above, well depending on the eye’s case. Still, I’m saving up for this very precious gift 🙂 I just want my dad to enjoy the sights even if he’s getting old already…I wanted him to see his kikay daughter clearly! haha!

Also, earlier today, hearing about the crazy S&R sale few days ago, I didn’t think twice of withdrawing a couple of kiaws to request my officemate to get me some adult vitamins for my mom and dad! Centrum Silver is selling if not half-the-price (for the big bottle! oh yes!), buy 1 take 1! awesome deal, so I’m taking advantage of it! This is the health-kikayness!


Second stop is cosmetics section! Oh yes, why not? it’s every kikay’s heaven!

I’ve been on the hunt for affordable yet quality hair care products, and many reviews have pointed out an Asian (HongKong) brand called Shine Moist. Appealing, since the packaging is purple! (see more at Style Experiments page) I have some products already on my list, but it’s not on the shelves so I just checked the other items for future shopping 🙂 


From the locks, of course, I wouldn’t miss out checking on shimmery make-ups, especially that I’ve discovered this facial shimmery whip by e.l.f. Too bad it’s out of stock 😦 Still have to wait until next week as advised by that polite sales lady…it’ gonna be worth the wait since the product is just cheap! 😉


…and that’s being cosmetikikay! haha!


Let’s see if I’m gonna get anything for myself this weekend since it’s SALE time again!

(or maybe I should save up for some pampering for my upcoming birthday!…oooh, and by the way, I’d love to have these as gifts! *wink* )


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