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Last 3 of the twenty six dreams @ 26


Thinking of the last 3 things to top my 26 dreams ain’t easy at all…I found myself in the middle of being pressured (to come up with them on time) and of being confused (as I really have to weigh which are the most important or biggest dreams I wanted to come true)!

And here at last, after deliberations, eliminations and selections, I’ve finally made my heart, mind and soul agree on these last 3 things, which do not just limit to themselves literally, but push through a network of other stuff…that are equally important to me.

So here’s the 3rd on the list…



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People who knew that ‘skill’ of mine and are aware of my future plans would know what dream lies within this photo. It’s something I’m fond of doing, so might as well put one up to enjoy that passion and to serve some delightful treats to many 🙂

This dream if given the opportunity to materialize and succeed in the future, would give me something to enjoyably work/manage on…it shall help out the finances to get stable…it could also be a wealth that be handed down to my next generation…and it shall be others’ source of living…and a venue for reunions of many.



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Part IV: 26 random dreams @ twenty six (17-23)


and they just keep on pouring in!!! it’s not bad to dream at all anyway 🙂

(photo credits included)









…and I’m down to my last 3!!!

I have to think and choose the last 3 well!