Why is it that…?


(on randomness of today)


why is it that people never get satisfied,…

…that we always find fault


…and judge on what others are doing?

Even if these ‘others’ have been trying on their best, their smartest and nicest shape?


Have we outgrown the fact that there could be the so-called ‘possibilities’ and benefits of the doubt that there could be people who are still capable of having clean intentions?

Are we that shallow-thinkers already?

why is that so?

it’s just saddening to know that being closed-minded have become an airborne disease speedily spreading epidemia…

between friends or colleagues…

within homes…

in the community…

and worst, within the political arena.


Doubts in relationships, Mistrust on our leaders, Questions of individual capabilities…and more…the list just grows longer…

…too bad, we have been planting trees which should not be growing as these have been bearing fruits of close mindedness, insensitiveness, lack of understanding, impatience, carelessness, and the most bitter-tasting of all — selfishness.

in my today’s reflection on


a friend’s relationship issues, and

my life-mission concerns to others,

I just felt tired, helpless and sad…that at some point, one’s being concerned or hopeful…would be opposed, questioned and the worst, could be wasted.



But then, I shall still live with my beliefs. I have myself to live for..and a few more beside me.


Never say die.



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